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Chemical Compound Review

MgAtp     magnesium[(2R,3S,4R,5R)-5-(6- aminopurin-9...

Synonyms: Magnesium ATP, CHEMBL2364734, LS-15179, AKOS016009253, AC1L257T, ...
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Disease relevance of Adenosine triphosphate

  • The role of calcium and magnesium-ATP on the structure and contractility in motile extracts of Amoeba proteus and plasmalemma-ectoplasm "ghosts" of Chaos carolinensis has been investigated by correlating light and electron microscope observations with turbidity and birefringence measurements [1].
  • Cytosolic free magnesium, ATP and blebbing during chemical hypoxia in cultured rat hepatocytes [2].
  • Use of magnesium-ATP following liver ischemia [3].

High impact information on Adenosine triphosphate

  • The pharmacological characteristics of LmrA and P-glycoprotein-expressing lung fibroblasts were very similar, and the affinities of both proteins for vinblastine and magnesium-ATP were indistinguishable [4].
  • Resealed ghosts, prepared by dialyzing erythrocytes in narrow membrane tubing against low ionic strength buffer that was supplemented with magnesium ATP, were as susceptible to parasite infection as were normal erythrocytes [5].
  • Human erthrocyte membranes in isotonic medium change shape from crenated spheres to biconcave disks and cup-forms when incubated at 37 degrees C in the presence of MgATP (M. P. Sheetz and S. J. Singer, 1977, J. Cell Biol. 73:638-646) [6].
  • In the absence of magnesium, ATP bound to three independent catalytic sites, each with Kd = 76 microM [7].
  • When this was done an analysis of the previously postulated rate law for histone phosphorylation c atalyzed by protein kinase I gave a binding constant for the magnesium-ATP complex which was in agreement with that expected for this complex on the basis of various binding constants available in the literature [8].

Anatomical context of Adenosine triphosphate


Gene context of Adenosine triphosphate


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