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Chemical Compound Review

Glycidyl ether     2-(oxiran-2- ylmethoxymethyl)oxirane

Synonyms: HSDB 342, AG-E-63564, NSC-54739, NSC54739, LS-67732, ...
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Disease relevance of DIGLYCIDYL ETHER


High impact information on DIGLYCIDYL ETHER


Biological context of DIGLYCIDYL ETHER


Anatomical context of DIGLYCIDYL ETHER

  • To address these deficiencies, we undertook the development of a biological valved conduit: a bovine external jugular vein graft with a retained native valve cross-linked with a diglycidyl ether (DE) [12].

Associations of DIGLYCIDYL ETHER with other chemical compounds

  • A reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic method combined with fluorescence and mass spectrometric detection in series is presented for the separation and quantification of bisphenol A diglycidyl ether (BADGE) and novolac glycidyl ether (NOGE) derivatives in extracts from food can coatings, tuna and oil [13].

Gene context of DIGLYCIDYL ETHER

  • Harvested bovine vein containing a naturally existing valve was initially incorporated with protamine on the inner surface and then was cross-linked in diglycidyl ether (DE) [14].


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