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Chemical Compound Review

Copper-67     copper

Synonyms: AC1L4ZUN, Copper, isotope of mass 67
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Disease relevance of copper


High impact information on copper


Associations of copper with other chemical compounds


Gene context of copper

  • Iodine-131, Yttrium-90, and Copper-67 labeled monoclonal antibodies targeting CD-20, CD-22, HLA class II, and other cell surface antigens have been tested and demonstrate higher overall response rates (50-80%) and complete response rates (20-40%) than unlabeled antibodies [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of copper

  • After purification by gel filtration, the antibody-porphyrin conjugates were labeled with copper-67 in aqueous solution [12].
  • Copper-67-labeled Cu-PTSM was administered intravenously to four anesthetized dogs, followed c. 5 min later by a left ventricular injection of 85Sr-labeled microspheres (15 microns) to provide an independent measure of tumor perfusion [13].


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