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Chemical Compound Review

Yttrium Radioisotopes     yttrium

Synonyms: Yttrium-90, Y-90, HSDB 7406, AC1L2XG5, D015021000, ...
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Disease relevance of yttrium


Psychiatry related information on yttrium

  • To overcome the problem of tumor heterogeneity, we conducted a pilot evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of yttrium 90 (90Y)-labeled anti-Id and shared Id (sId) MoAbs in non-Hodgkin's B-cell lymphoma [6].

High impact information on yttrium


Chemical compound and disease context of yttrium


Biological context of yttrium


Anatomical context of yttrium


Associations of yttrium with other chemical compounds

  • Effects of hepatic arterial yttrium-90 microsphere administration alone and combined with regional bromodeoxyuridine infusion in dogs [23].
  • Atomistic models for CeO(2)(111), (110), and (100) nanoparticles, supported on yttrium-stabilized zirconia [24].
  • Evaluation of indium-111- and yttrium-90-labeled linker-immunoconjugates in nude mice and dogs [25].
  • Treatment of the recently reported potassium salt [K(thf)(n)][N(PPh(2))(2)] (n=1.25, 1.5) with anhydrous yttrium or lanthanide trichlorides in THF leads after crystallization from THF/n-pentane (1:2) to the monosubstituted diphosphanylamide complexes [LnCl(2)[(Ph(2)P)(2)N](thf)(3)] (Ln=Y, Sm, Er, Yb) [26].
  • Prior to the selective transport of a metal ion through the liquid membrane in the microchannel, the forward and backward extraction of yttrium and zinc ions was investigated in a two-phase flow on a microfluidic device using 2-ethylhexyl phosphonic acid mono-2-ethylhexyl ester (commercial name, PC-88A) as an extractant [27].

Gene context of yttrium


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of yttrium


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