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Chemical Compound Review

bromine-72(1-)     bromide

Synonyms: AC1L4HYM
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Disease relevance of bromide


High impact information on bromide

  • Decarboxylation occurs with the combination CTAOH-Br-, but not with the combinations CTAOH-I-, CTAOH-CI-, or CTAOH-F-. Bromide in the absence of CTAOH does not promote decarboxylation [5].
  • Total body water (TBW, H(2)(18)O dilution), extracellular water (ECW, Bromide dilution), and fat-free mass (FFM, body density and Siri's equation) were measured directly whereas intracellular water (ICW = TBW - ECW) and body cell mass (FFM - ECW) were obtained by calculations [6].
  • Efficacy and Tolerance of High-Dose Inhaled Ipratropium Bromide vs. Terbutaline in Intubated Premature Human Neonates [7].
  • Cell viability was assessed by MTT (3-[4.5-dimethylahiazol-2-yl]-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium Bromide) [8].
  • In the present study a comparison has been made between intubating condition obtainable after anesthesia induction with Thiopental or Propofol, using Vecuronium Bromide to achieve muscle relaxation [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of bromide

  • However, diagnostic tests (e.g., the Bromide partition test or possibly radioassays) markedly improve case finding and to some extent increase cure rates [10].


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