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Chemical Compound Review

Pinosylvin     5-[(E)-2- phenylethenyl]benzene-1,3- diol

Synonyms: Pinosylvine, PubChem19089, CPD-438, CHEMBL101506, SureCN454262, ...
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High impact information on AIDS009475


Biological context of AIDS009475

  • Therefore, we have attempted to determine whether pinosylvin can inhibit the expression of cytokines possessing NF-kappaB binding sites in their promoter regions [4].
  • Determination and assay validation of pinosylvin in rat serum: application to drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics [5].
  • The acute intravenous dose of pinosylvin yielded the plasma AUC, urine t(1/2), CL and V(d) values of 5.23+/-1.20 mug h mL(-1), 13.13+/-2.05 h, 1.84+/-0.44 Lh(-1) kg(-1) and 2.29+/-0.56 L kg(-1)(mean+/-s.e.m.), respectively [6].
  • A method of analysis of pinosylvin in biological fluids is necessary to study the kinetics of in vitro and in vivo metabolism and determine its concentration in natural products [5].

Anatomical context of AIDS009475

  • A novel and simple high-performance liquid chromatographic method was developed for simultaneous determination of pinosylvin and products of its metabolism in rat serum and liver microsomes [5].
  • We have tested the effect of the phytoalexins lubimin, (-)-maackiain and pinosylvin and the related compounds dehydroloroglossol and hordatine M on the growth of the human lymphoblastoid cell lines Molt and Raji [7].

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Gene context of AIDS009475


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AIDS009475


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