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Chemical Compound Review

Pentaglycol     2-[2-[2-[2-(2-hydroxyethoxy) ethoxy]ethoxy]...

Synonyms: PEG400, ACMC-1AOLP, AG-F-63156, CHEBI:39631, ANW-30583, ...
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Disease relevance of EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO


High impact information on EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO

  • The values for mu and D are inversely proportional to the viscosity for the solutions with small-sized additives (ethylene glycol and PEG400), in accordance to Walden's rule [2].
  • In vivo hypocholesterolemic activity was assessed in cholesterol-fed rats by oral administration as a dietary admixture and/or by gavage in a PEG400 vehicle [3].
  • RESULTS: Adenovirus suspended in PEG400 provided an average of twice the level of gene expression in the canine prostate and significantly better tumor control relative to saline in preclinical tumor models (p = 0.046 and 0.036, respectively) [1].
  • Trigonal crystals of the modified PAP-III, with unit cell parameters a=b=80.47A, c=76.21A, were obtained using 30% PEG400 as the precipitant [4].
  • Cell viability tests using alamarBlue showed that, compared to the fresh groups, the VS55 had the highest viability (p < 0.05), followed by both the PEG400 (p < 0.001) and the frozen groups (p < 0.001) [5].

Biological context of EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO

  • Diffusional release into PBS did not follow first order kinetics while diffusion into PEG400 did, suggesting that the existence of a discontinuity affected the release process [6].

Associations of EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO with other chemical compounds

  • The behavior of hydroxyl-terminated PEG400 in water was investigated by surface tension measurements and (13)C NMR as a function of concentration and temperature [7].

Gene context of EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO-EDO

  • CONCLUSIONS: Adenoviral gene therapy vectors suspended in PEG400 results in improved tumor control because of greater initial adenoviral spread, and the increased volume and magnitude of gene expression in vivo [1].
  • This study investigated cryopreservation of a model tissue-engineered pancreatic substitute by two ice-free cryopreservation (vitrification) solutions (designated VS55 and PEG400) in comparison to a conventional freezing protocol [5].


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