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Chemical Compound Review

Pentacin     calcium trisodium 2-[2-[2...

Synonyms: Pentacine, Penthamil, Ditripentat, AN-DTPA, Ca-DTPA, ...
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Disease relevance of Detapac

  • Weekly treatment with Ca-DTPA reduced the total Pu burden significantly, but these dogs also died with osteosarcoma between 1462 and 1783 days [1].
  • Ca-DTPA-induced fetal death and malformation in mice [2].
  • No pulmonary pathology was found from the single inhalation treatment with Ca-DTPA while only a slight, peripheral, histiocytosis was observed in the lungs of multiple-treated rats [3].
  • Prompt treatment with 100 mumol Ca-DTPA/kg body weight diminished the skeletal 234Th content by about 70%; but when it was delayed by 6 h or 4 d, the 234Th content was reduced by only about 20% and 10%, respectively [4].
  • Estimated toxicity of Ca-DTPA to the human fetus [5].

High impact information on Detapac


Biological context of Detapac

  • Female rats were given a single or 12 daily, 2-4 h, inhalation exposures to aerosols of 10, 20 and 40% Ca-DTPA and the lungs were examined at 21 and 42 days following the last exposure [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Detapac


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