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Disease relevance of Histiocytosis


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Biological context of Histiocytosis


Anatomical context of Histiocytosis

  • Because Langerhans cells (LC) in peripheral tissues are generally "immature" cells with poor lymphostimulatory activity, the contribution of immune responses initiated by LC to the pathogenesis of pulmonary LC histiocytosis (LCH) has been uncertain [17].
  • In contrast, expression of constitutively activated H-Ras in bone-marrow cells resulted in the in vitro growth, in the absence of exogenous factors, of colonies that contained only macrophages and of lines of cells resembling dendritic cells, and, upon in vivo injection of the transduced cells, a fatal histiocytosis/monocytic leukemia [18].
  • The diagnosis of histiocytosis X may be established by identifying the Langerhans histiocyte, characterized by nuclear grooves, immunoreactivity for S-100 protein, and pentalamellar cytoplasmic structures seen by electron microscopy [19].
  • Prior to incubation with the WI-38 cell line, the cell supernatant then was preincubated with nonpreserved anti-human PDGF (AA- and BB-chain) resulting in an 80% decrease of tritiated thymidine uptake and procollagen-III-peptide production in the group of histiocytosis X patients compared with native supernatants [20].
  • Macrophages in reactive proliferation, histiocytosis X, and neoplastic proliferation gave positive reaction for IAP [21].

Gene context of Histiocytosis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Histiocytosis


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