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Chemical Compound Review

Potassium-43     potassium

Synonyms: AC1O3TGF, 14903-02-7, 43K, Potassium, isotope of mass 43
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Disease relevance of potassium

  • To assess the validity of myocardial imaging with potassium-43 (43K) early after the onset of ischemia, the left anterior descending artery was occluded with a baloon tip catheter in 32 intact anesthetized dogs [1].
  • To evaluate the quantitative relationships between resting potassium-43 (43K) myocardial imaging and left ventricular segmental contraction abnormalities, 15 patients were studied by both radionuclide and contrast angiographic techniques at least two months following transmural myocardial infarction [2].
  • Thus, in this initial group of patients following transmural infarction, potassium-43 imaging can be accurately and quantitatively correlated with the site and extent of regional ventricular dysfunction as it is assessed by quantitative left ventricular angiography [2].
  • Evaluation of potassium-43 scintillation images during early myocardial ischemia in an animal model [1].
  • Noninvasive myocardial imaging with potassium-43 and rubidium-81 in patients with left bundle branch block [3].

High impact information on potassium


Chemical compound and disease context of potassium


Anatomical context of potassium

  • In the current study a non-invasive method was developed to measure skeletal muscle K+ before and after exercise, using an isotope of K+, potassium-43 (43K+) [7].
  • Sodium-77 bromide and indium-113m ethylenediaminetetracetic acid were used as extracellular fluid space markers, radioactive water as a total fluid space marker, and potassium-43 chloride to examine the existence of a bone membrane [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of potassium

  • Noninvasive study of extremity perfusion by potassium 43 scanning [9].
  • RESULTS: Over time, the number of treatment group participants who had at least one serving from each food group (P <.01), and who had the recommended number of servings from each food group (P <.05), significantly increased in comparison to the control group [10].


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