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Chemical Compound Review

Tenilsetam     3-thiophen-2-ylpiperazin-2-one

Synonyms: Tenilsetamum, CAS-997, SureCN194668, AG-H-49689, CHEMBL2104853, ...
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Disease relevance of CAS 997


Psychiatry related information on CAS 997

  • These experimental data, and clinical studies, reporting a marked improvement in cognition and memory in Alzheimer's disease patients after Tenilsetam treatment, suggest that AGEs might play an important role in the etiology or progression of the disease [4].

High impact information on CAS 997


Biological context of CAS 997

  • The cognition-enhancing drug tenilsetam is an inhibitor of protein crosslinking by advanced glycosylation [5].
  • According to the mechanism proposed, Tenilsetam acts via covalent attachment to glycated proteins, thus blocking the reactive sites for further polymerisation reactions [5].

Anatomical context of CAS 997


Associations of CAS 997 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of CAS 997

  • At weekly intervals, the subjects received randomized single oral doses of placebo, 150 mg, 300 mg and 900 mg tenilsetam (TEN) and 5 mg co-dergocrine-mesylate (CDM) as reference drug [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CAS 997


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