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Chemical Compound Review

Thioanisol     methylsulfanylbenzene

Synonyms: PHSME, Thioanisole, SureCN7584, PubChem10578, AGN-PC-008LG3, ...
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High impact information on methylsulfanylbenzene

  • Furthermore, Mb-I is found to be capable of performing two-electron oxidation of styrene, thioanisole, and H2O2 [1].
  • However, comparison of the active site structures provides the basis to interpret the changes in oxidation activity: (1) direct steric interactions between residue 68 and substrates (i.e., H(2)O(2), ABTS, thioanisole) and (2) the polar interactions between tightly hydrogen-bonded water molecules and substrates [2].
  • For anisol and thioanisol, analogies and differences between oxidation reactions catalyzed by the enzyme cytochrome P-450 in the condensed phase and those observed for the gas-phase model FeO+ are discussed [3].
  • Transient-state reactions of horseradish peroxidase compounds I and II with 1-methoxy-4-(methylthio)benzene (a para-substituted thioanisole) were studied over the pH range from 3.4 to 10 [4].
  • However, cyclization of the silyl-containing thioanisole using Br(2) affords 2,3-dibromobenzo[b]thiophene [5].

Biological context of methylsulfanylbenzene

  • An 18-residue peptide amide corresponding to the entire amino acid sequence of T22 was synthesized by assembling four peptide fragments and two amino acid derivatives, followed by thioanisole-mediated deprotection with 1 M trimethylsilyl trifluoromethanesulfonate (TMSOTf) in trifluoroacetic acid followed by air-oxidation [6].
  • The cysteine conjugate underwent beta-lyase-mediated metabolism to yield a thiol that underwent subsequent methylation to the thioanisole followed by S-oxidation [7].

Associations of methylsulfanylbenzene with other chemical compounds


Gene context of methylsulfanylbenzene

  • The sulphoxidation of thioanisole catalysed by lactoperoxidase and Coprinus cinereus peroxidase: evidence for an oxygen-rebound mechanism [13].
  • Tyrosinase was found to be active in the sulfoxidation of thioanisol, producing the (R)-sulfoxide with high enantiomeric excess [14].
  • A cocktail of m-cesol/EDT/thioanisole/TMSBr/TFA/DCM (1:1:2:2:15:79 by volume-Reagent D) was found to cleave amino acid side-chain-protecting groups while leaving the chromatographic properties of the peptide-resin unaltered [15].


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