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Chemical Compound Review

Farnesoic acid     3,7,11-trimethyldodeca- 2,6,10-trienoic acid

Synonyms: AGN-PC-00PO4A, AG-F-59246, AG-H-00800, AC1L3PED, CTK1D1994, ...
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High impact information on Farnesoic acid


Biological context of Farnesoic acid


Anatomical context of Farnesoic acid


Associations of Farnesoic acid with other chemical compounds

  • Mevinolin, an inhibitor of the mevalonate pathway, significantly reduces the biosynthesis of JHB(3), while farnesoic acid, a proximate precursor of JHIII, significantly stimulates the biosynthesis of both JHB(3) and JHIII in vitro [10].

Gene context of Farnesoic acid


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Farnesoic acid


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