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Gene Review

Tcrd  -  T cell receptor delta chain

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Tcr delta, Tcrdelta
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Disease relevance of Tcrd


High impact information on Tcrd

  • We identify the developmental stage during which the Tcrd locus 'opens' in early T cell progenitors and show that a single checkpoint controls gammadelta cell development during the penultimate CD4(-)CD8(-) stage [2].
  • Using mice expressing a reporter gene 'knocked into' the Tcrd constant region gene, we have characterized many of the events that mark the life of early gammadelta cells in the adult thymus [2].
  • Murine Tcrd and Tcra gene segments reside in a single genetic locus and undergo recombination in CD4- CD8- (double negative [DN]) and CD4+ CD8+ (double positive [DP]) thymocytes, respectively [3].
  • T-cell receptor delta-chain diversity in peripheral lymphocytes [4].
  • Recombination of murine Tcrd gene segments is known to be regulated, at least in part, by the Tcrd enhancer (Edelta) situated in the Jdelta2-Cdelta intron [5].

Biological context of Tcrd

  • To examine whether such "waves" of Tcrgd phenotypes can be found in man, we studied the V-region usage and junctional diversity of the T-cell receptor delta chain in human fetal and post-partum thymocytes and peripheral blood T cells [6].

Anatomical context of Tcrd


Other interactions of Tcrd


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tcrd


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