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Gene Review

P2rx5  -  purinergic receptor P2X, ligand-gated ion...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: ATP receptor, P2X purinoceptor 5, P2X5, Purinergic receptor
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High impact information on P2rx5

  • ATP regulates the differentiation of mammalian skeletal muscle by activation of a P2X5 receptor on satellite cells [1].
  • Two new P2X receptor cDNAs (P2X5 and P2X6) were isolated and expressed [2].
  • Rat P2X1 and P2X5 mRNAs are localized within common subsets of peripheral and central sensory neurons as well as spinal motoneurons [3].
  • On the other hand, alpha,beta-methylene-ATP, beta,gamma-methylene-ATP, and UTP were unable to induce any rise in [Ca2+]i. This pharmacological profile is consistent with expression of P2X2 and/or P2X5 purinergic receptor channels [4].
  • Conversely, ENaC increased the plasma membrane expression of P2X2, P2X(2/6), and P2X5 receptors [5].

Anatomical context of P2rx5


Associations of P2rx5 with chemical compounds

  • Similar calcium, conductance, and capacitance responses could be activated by 2-methylthio-ATP and ADP, consistent with mediation by a P2 type purinergic receptor [11].

Other interactions of P2rx5

  • During development the 1 day-old heart possessed an abundance of co-localised P2X2 and P2X5 small receptor clusters on the sarcolemma [8].
  • A small number of chromaffin cells showed positive immunoreaction for P2X5 and P2X7, with the relative occurrence of P2X7-immunoreactive chromaffin cells exceeding that of P2X5 [10].
  • Granular and microglial cells were labeled for P2X5 (weakly) and P2X4 receptors, respectively [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of P2rx5

  • We identified the P2X subtypes present in BAECs using RT-PCR. mRNA was present for only three of seven family members: P2X4, P2X5, and P2X7 [13].
  • Localisation of P2X5 and P2X7 receptors by immunohistochemistry in rat stratified squamous epithelia [14].


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