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Gene Review

Ppp6c  -  protein phosphatase 6, catalytic subunit

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: PP-V, PP6C, Ppv, Protein phosphatase V, Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 6 catalytic subunit
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High impact information on Ppp6c

  • BMP4 exposure also directly inhibited the proliferation and induced the apoptosis of PP6 cells, but not PP1 cells [1].
  • The impairment in PP6 cell proliferation was directly associated with the osteogenic differentiation of these cells [1].
  • Microvascular permeability was quantitated by determining the filtration coefficient (Kf), and pulmonary arterial (Ppa), venous (Ppv), and capillary (Ppc) pressures were measured to calculate vascular resistance (Rt) [2].
  • After baseline measurements, imidazole (TxA2 synthase inhibitor) or SQ-29,548 (TxA2-receptor antagonist) was added to the perfusate; then Kf, Ppa, Ppv, and Ppc were again measured [2].
  • Thus isoproterenol significantly attenuated vascular pressure-induced Kfc increases at moderate Ppv, possibly because of an endothelial effect, but it did not affect red cell extravasation at higher vascular pressures [3].

Biological context of Ppp6c

  • Residual blood volumes calculated from tissue hemoglobin contents were significantly increased by 53-66% in the high Ppv groups, compared with low vascular pressure controls, but there was no significant difference between High Ppv and Iso groups [3].

Anatomical context of Ppp6c

  • The antigen (ovalbumin; 0.1 mg) was injected into the reservoir 10 min after pretreatment with l-NAME (100 mmol/L) or d-NAME (100 mmol/L) and changes in portal vein pressure (Ppv), hepatic vein pressure (Phv) and perfusate flow were monitored [4].

Associations of Ppp6c with chemical compounds

  • The PGI2 changes paralleled the increase in portal flow (Qpv), pressure (Ppv), PSS and the decrease in Rspl [5].
  • Norepinephrine infusion into the portal vein (1-5 caused Ppv to increase and the portal venous flow to decrease but did not significantly affect Phv [6].
  • RESULTS: After baseline measurements, the nonselective inhibitor (N(omega)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester), the selective nNOS inhibitor 1-(2-trifluoromethylphenyl) imidazole (TRIM), TxA(2) synthase inhibitor imidazole or TxA(2)-receptor antagonist SQ-29,548 was added to the perfusate prior to measurements of Ppa, Ppv, and Ppc [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ppp6c

  • Reported hemodynamic changes after partial hepatectomy (PH) include elevations in portal blood flow and pressure (Ppv) [5].


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