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Gene Review

Mdh2  -  malate dehydrogenase 2, NAD (mitochondrial)

Mus musculus

Synonyms: MDH, Malate dehydrogenase, mitochondrial, Mdh-2, Mor-1, Mor1
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Disease relevance of Mdh2

  • Surprisingly, the homology between the mouse cMDH and thermophilic bacterial MDH, as well as the homology between the mouse mMDH and E. coli MDH, markedly exceeds the intraspecies sequence homology between mMDH and cMDH from mice [1].
  • The mammalian cMDH and Thermus flavus MDH genes have no doubt evolved from one of the other duplicates [1].

High impact information on Mdh2

  • Electrophoresis with GPI, G6PDH, IDH, MDH and ME enzymes showed a Z2 profile [2].
  • Lactate, malate and succinate dehydrogenases (LDH, MDH and SDH) were estimated in the foetal brain and liver following in utero exposure of mice to a continuous wave of unfocussed ultrasound [3].
  • 1. Diurnal changes of the activities of AspAT, A1AT, FDPA, MDH, ICDH and LDH in liver of laboratory mice were studied [4].
  • Diurnal rhythm in activity of AspAT, A1AT, MDH and LDH was observed in both groups while diurnal rhythm in activity of FDPA was found only in experimental animals [4].
  • The first duplication of a common ancestral MDH gene should thus have occurred long before the emergence of the eukaryotic cells, and subsequently, the mammalian mMDH and E. coli MDH genes have evolved from one of the duplicates [1].

Biological context of Mdh2

  • Thus Mor-1 is presently the most distal marker on chromosome 5 [5].
  • Although genetic variation for the supernatant form has not been observed in the mouse, electrophoretic variants caused by alleles at the mitochondrial locus (Mor-1) have been previously described [5].

Associations of Mdh2 with chemical compounds

  • Mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase (Mor-1) in the mouse: linkage to chromosome 5 markers [5].
  • However, all the aggregates exhibited "profiles" characteristic for the nervous tissue, with relatively very high activity of HK, high activity of MDH and CS (carbohydrate breakdown) and low activity of GPDH and HOADH (lipid catabolism) [6].

Other interactions of Mdh2

  • Three different nuclear loci for mitochondrial enzymes (Mod-2, Got-2, and Mor-1) have now been mapped in the mouse, all on different chromosomes [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mdh2

  • Diurnal changes in activities of AspAT, A1AT, FDPA, MDH, ICDH and LDH in liver of mice fed high and low protein diet [4].


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