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Gene Review

chk-2  -  Protein CHK-2

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on chk-2

  • Nuclear reorganization and homologous chromosome pairing during meiotic prophase require C. elegans chk-2 [1].
  • Although chk-2 encodes a C. elegans ortholog of the Cds1/Chk2 checkpoint protein kinases, germ-line nuclei in chk-2 mutants are competent to arrest proliferation in response to replication inhibition and to trigger DNA damage checkpoint responses to ionizing radiation [1].
  • However, chk-2 mutants are defective in triggering the pachytene DNA damage checkpoint in response to an intermediate block in the meiotic recombination pathway, suggesting that chk-2 is required either for initiation of meiotic recombination or for monitoring a specific subset of DNA damage lesions [1].
  • We propose that chk-2 functions during premeiotic S phase to enable chromosomes to become competent for subsequent meiotic prophase events and/or to coordinate replication with entry into prophase [1].
  • Despite failures in pairing, nuclear reorganization, and crossover recombination, chk-2 mutants undergo many other aspects of meiotic chromosome morphogenesis and complete gametogenesis [1].

Biological context of chk-2


Other interactions of chk-2

  • RAD-51 localization requires the recombination genes spo-11 and mre-11 as well as chk-2, which is necessary for homology recognition and presynaptic alignment [4].


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