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Gene Review

FOXI1  -  forkhead box I1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FKH10, FKHL10, FREAC-6, FREAC6, Forkhead box protein I1, ...
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High impact information on FOXI1

  • These findings implicate Fkh10 as an early regulator necessary for development of both cochlea and vestibulum and identify its human homologue FKHL10 as a previously unknown candidate deafness gene at 5q34 [1].
  • Using transfection experiments, we have identified a Foxi1 binding cis-element in the ATP6V1B1 (encoding the B1-subunit) promoter that is critical for reporter gene activation [2].
  • Foxi1 appears to be required for the expression of the B1-subunit of the vacuolar H(+)-ATPase proton pump and for carbonic anhydrase II as well as the chloride/bicarbonate transporter pendrin [2].
  • As a consequence of defect Foxi1-dependent epididymal sperm maturation, we demonstrate that spermatozoa from Foxi1 null males fail to reach the female genital tract in sufficient number to allow fertilization [2].
  • We have identified Foxi1 as an important regulator of gene expression in narrow and clear cells-the major proton secretory cells of epididymal epithelia [2].

Biological context of FOXI1


Anatomical context of FOXI1


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