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Gene Review

Plxnb1  -  plexin B1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2900002G15Rik, AU042020, Kiaa0407, Plexin-B1, mKIAA0407
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High impact information on Plxnb1

  • The class IV semaphorin CD100/Sema4D differentially utilizes two distinct receptors: plexin-B1 in nonlymphoid tissues, such as brain and kidney, and CD72 in lymphoid tissues [1].
  • In addition, binding of Sema 4D to Plexin B1 stimulates the tyrosine kinase activity of Met, resulting in tyrosine phosphorylation of both receptors [2].
  • Mutation of either the PDZ domain in LARG or the PDZ binding site in plexin-B1 eliminates the interaction [3].
  • Moreover, we prove that biologic effects elicited by Plexin B1 require coupling and activation of the Met tyrosine kinase [4].
  • Moreover, plexin-B1 and its ligand Sema4D are expressed in complementary patterns in several regions such as the developing neopallial cortex, the dorsal root ganglia and the spinal cord over embryonic stages [5].

Biological context of Plxnb1

  • Plexin-B1 gene expression increased significantly by 126.8% +/- 38% in the pregnant mare serum gonadotropin-treated group and increased by 98.7% +/- 15.2 and 262.2% +/- 65.4% in the hCG-treated group 6 h and 24 h after injection, respectively (ANOVA; P < .05) [6].

Anatomical context of Plxnb1

  • Plxnb1 and Plxnb2 are expressed in the immature glomeruli and mesenchyme of the developing kidney [7].
  • CONCLUSION: In the ovarian follicle, the effect of Plexin-B1 is mediated by sema-4D [8].
  • Semaphorin-4D/Plexin-B1 binding provides attractive and repulsive cues for the navigation of axonal growth cones, and new studies suggest that this system also plays a role in the regulation of the biological functions of endothelial cells, specifically in the control of angiogenesis [8].
  • RESULT(S): Plexin-B1 was expressed in the mouse ovary mostly in the granulosa cells [6].

Regulatory relationships of Plxnb1

  • Our results further suggest that the RhoA-ROCK pathway, which is activated downstream of plexin B1, mediates these inhibitory morphogenetic effects of Sema4d and suppresses branch-promoting signalling effectors of the plexin B1 signalling complex [9].

Other interactions of Plxnb1

  • We have done an extensive non-radioactive in situ hybridisation survey of Plxna1-a4, Plxnb1 -b3 and Plxnc1 in E14 mouse embryo [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Plxnb1


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