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Gene Review

Ins2  -  insulin 2

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Ins-2, Insulin-2
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Disease relevance of Ins2

  • Hypoglycemia (for 3 h) caused significant decreases in pancreatic content of mRNAs for insulin 2 and GLUT-2 to 55 and 34% of control values, respectively [1].

High impact information on Ins2


Biological context of Ins2

  • Insulin gene expression was measured by an assay based on a reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, to determine whether the ancestral rodent insulin 2 genes (and the human homologue in the NHI-6F cells) are regulated differently from the duplicated rat and mouse insulin 1 genes [7].
  • DMAQ-B1 did not affect glucose tolerance (glucose AUC = 21,300) but reduced fasting insulin 2-fold and insulin AUC (insulin AUC = 4300) [8].

Anatomical context of Ins2

  • Other imprinted genes within the imprinted gene cluster-insulin II (Ins2), Mash2 (which codes for a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor), and Kvlqt1 (coding for a component of a potassium transport channel)-showed no consistently different expression from that seen in normal hepatocytes [9].
  • The effect of high glucose on mesangial cell actin was reversed by returning the cells to normal glucose for 2 days, stimulation with insulin 2 micrograms/ml, or with a protein kinase C inhibitor [10].

Associations of Ins2 with chemical compounds

  • Some diabetic rats received a single dose (4 IU, s.c.) of NPH insulin 2 h before an intratracheal instillation of lipopolysaccharide (LPS, 750 microg) or saline [11].

Other interactions of Ins2

  • Simultaneously, we have shown the attenuation of liver sensitivity to insulin 2 hours after higher leptin dose injection [12].


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