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Gene Review

INS  -  insulin

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of INS

  • Also their application for the determination of zinc in insulin to control injection quality and magnesium in human urine for the diagnosis and treatment of magnesium deficiency was shown [1].

High impact information on INS


Biological context of INS


Associations of INS with chemical compounds

  • The same increase in dietary protein increased (P less than 0.05) both insulin (INS) and thyroxine (T4) and decreased (P less than 0.05) triiodothyronine (T3) [8].
  • 3. Insulin significantly enhanced enzyme activity when added to the culture medium at a 10(-9) M concentration, and a small stimulating effect was also observed with 10(-6) M dexamethasone [9].
  • 3. Insulin decreased the incorporation of the infused glutamine amide-15N into urinary uric acid as well as the excretion of other N-derived urinary uric acid (P less than 0.05), which resulted in a significant decrease in total urinary uric acid (P less than 0.05) [10].
  • EGF, IGF-I (Insulin-like Growth Factor-I), or PDGF (Platelet-derived Growth Factor) alone increased [3H]thymidine incorporation in the cells [11].


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