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Gene Review

cig1  -  cyclin Cig1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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Biological context of cig1


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  • We have now identified two other gene products required for mitosis in A.nidulans. nimT encodes a protein similar to the fission yeast cdc25 tyrosine phosphatase and is required for the conversion of pre-MPF to MPF and nimE encodes a B-type cyclin which is a subunit of MPF [10].

Regulatory relationships of cig1


Other interactions of cig1

  • APC(ste9/srw1) is not necessary for the proteolysis of cdc13 and cig1 that occurs at the metaphase-anaphase transition but it is absolutely required for their degradation in G(1) [13].
  • Whilst p25rum1 can inhibit cig2/cdc2 activity in vitro, and may transiently inhibit this complex in vivo, cig1 is regulated independently of p25rum1 [14].
  • Deletion of cig1 and cig2/cyc17 together abolished re-replication completely and cells arrested in G1 [7].
  • The wee1- mating defect is suppressed by deletion of cig2+, which encodes a B-type cyclin that promotes the onset of S and inhibits conjugation [15].
  • We show that the function of the human p34CDC2 protein in fission yeast cells is dependent upon the action of the protein tyrosine phosphatase p80cdc25, that it responds to altered levels of both the mitotic inhibitor p107wee1 and the p34cdc2-binding protein p13suc1, and is lethal in combination with the mutant B-type cyclin p56cdc13-117 [16].


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