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Sexual Development

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  • Because Bmpr1a is evolutionarily conserved, these findings indicate that a component of the BMP signaling pathway has been co-opted during evolution for male sexual development in amniotes [8].
  • Such evidence is highly suggestive of a conserved role(s) for Dmrt1 in vertebrate sexual development, but there has been no functional analysis of this gene in any species [32].
  • 3. We previously identified DMRT1, a human gene with sequence similarity to genes that regulate the sexual development of nematodes and insects [33].
  • intersex, a gene required for female sexual development in Drosophila, is expressed in both sexes and functions together with doublesex to regulate terminal differentiation [34].
  • Mab-3 is a direct tra-1 target gene regulating diverse aspects of C. elegans male sexual development and behavior [35].

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