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Gene Review

pas1  -  cyclin Pas1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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Disease relevance of pas1


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Biological context of pas1


Anatomical context of pas1

  • These results suggest a key regulatory role of the cdc2-cyclin complex in the initiation of mitotic spindle formation and also that mitotic microtubule function is required for cdc2 activation [10].
  • That they participate in the G2-M transition is supported by the fact that when synthetic cyclin messenger RNAs from clam and sea urchin are microinjected into the G2-arrested oocytes of Xenopus, they induce maturation [11].
  • Cytokinesis in eukaryotic cells requires the inactivation of mitotic cyclin-dependent kinase complexes [12].

Associations of pas1 with chemical compounds

  • Disruption of pas1+ causes defects in arginine and leucine uptake that are remarkably similar to Deltatsc1 and Deltatsc2, whereas Deltapas1Deltatsc1 and Deltapas1Deltatsc2 double mutants have more severe amino acid uptake defects [13].
  • The association of cyclin and p34cdc2 is not sufficient for activation of cdc2 kinase, however; dephosphorylation of key tyrosine and threonine residues of p34cdc2 is necessary to turn on its kinase activity [9].
  • We identified a truncated allele of dam1 as a multicopy suppressor of the sensitivity of cdc13-117 (cyclin B) and mal3-1 (EB-1) cells to thiabendazole, a microtubule poison [14].
  • However, little is known about how cyclic AMP interacts with the central cell cycle machinery, Cdc2, the cyclin-dependent kinase that induces mitosis [15].
  • Cyclin C and the cyclin C-dependent protein kinase are associated with the RNA polymerase II Mediator complex, which regulates initiation of transcription in response to signals from activators and repressors bound to upstream promoter elements [16].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of pas1

  • The cellular distribution of the fission yeast mitotic cyclin B, p63cdc13, was investigated by a combination of indirect immunofluorescence light microscopy, immunogold electron microscopy, and nuclear isolation and fractionation [21].
  • Therefore, as observed by immunofluorescence in other systems, it seems that cyclin subunits target p34cdc2 to specific cellular sites and this is certainly important for its function [22].
  • It is becoming increasingly clear that the inactivation of the mitosis-promoting cyclin-dependent kinase, which marks the completion of the nuclear division cycle, is essential for actomyosin ring constriction and division septum assembly in both yeasts [23].


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