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Gene Review

GBE1  -  glucan (1,4-alpha-), branching enzyme 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 1,4-alpha-glucan-branching enzyme, APBD, Brancher enzyme, GBE, GSD4, ...
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Disease relevance of GBE1


High impact information on GBE1


Chemical compound and disease context of GBE1


Biological context of GBE1


Anatomical context of GBE1


Associations of GBE1 with chemical compounds

  • The patient was heterozygous for a G-to-A substitution at codon 524 (R524Q), changing an encoded arginine (CGA) to glutamine (CAA), while the GBE1 gene on the other allele was not expressed [2].
  • We have now derived the complete GBE1 cDNA sequences for control horses and affected foals, and identified a C to A substitution at base 102 that results in a tyrosine (Y) to stop (X) mutation in codon 34 of exon 1 [17].
  • The identification, among expressed genes, of putative sequences for glycogen synthase, glycogen branching enzyme, chitin synthase, and for the first enzyme in chitin synthesis (glutamine fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase) is reported [18].
  • The transgenic starches were specifically modified with respect to amylopectin chain length and phosphorous content by suppression of the starch branching enzyme and overexpression of glycogen branching enzyme [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GBE1


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