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Genetic Heterogeneity

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Disease relevance of Genetic Heterogeneity


Psychiatry related information on Genetic Heterogeneity

  • These results point towards an etiological influence of TNFA alleles in narcolepsy and support previous findings suggesting genetic heterogeneity and differences in pathophysiological characteristics of HLA-DR2 positive and negative narcolepsy [6].

High impact information on Genetic Heterogeneity


Chemical compound and disease context of Genetic Heterogeneity


Biological context of Genetic Heterogeneity


Anatomical context of Genetic Heterogeneity


Associations of Genetic Heterogeneity with chemical compounds


Gene context of Genetic Heterogeneity

  • This work emphasizes the genetic heterogeneity of juvenile glaucoma and suggests, for the first time, that (1) congenital glaucoma and juvenile glaucoma are allelic variants and (2) the spectrum of expression of MYOC and CYP1B1 mutations is greater than expected [32].
  • Our results show that mutations in the gene for Cx30.3 can be causally involved in EKV and point to genetic heterogeneity of this disorder [33].
  • Genetic heterogeneity has been confirmed as an explanation for such failure, since causative mutations have been identified in the COL5A1, COL5A2, and tenascin X genes and since they have been inferred in the COL1A2 gene [34].
  • The identification of germline mutations in families with HNPCC is hampered by genetic heterogeneity and clinical variability [35].
  • The tumor-necrosis-factor receptor-associated periodic syndrome: new mutations in TNFRSF1A, ancestral origins, genotype-phenotype studies, and evidence for further genetic heterogeneity of periodic fevers [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Genetic Heterogeneity


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