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Gene Review

Gzma  -  granzyme A

Rattus norvegicus

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High impact information on Gzma

  • The noncytotoxic rat mast cell tumor line RBL was transfected with genes for the cytotoxic lymphocyte granule proteins cytolysin (perforin) and granzyme A, giving transfectants with mRNA and protein expression levels comparable with cloned cytotoxic T lymphocytes [1].
  • These results support the granule-exocytosis model for lymphocyte cytotoxicity and show that effector granzyme A plays a role in target cell DNA breakdown [1].
  • Granzymes are trypsin-like serine proteases mediating apoptotic cell death that are composed of two genetically distinct subfamilies: granzyme A-like proteases resemble trypsin in their active site architecture, while granzyme B-like proteases are quite distinct [2].
  • Granzyme A activates an endoplasmic reticulum-associated caspase-independent nuclease to induce single-stranded DNA nicks [3].
  • Thus, GzmA activates a DNase (GzmA-activated DNase) within the SET complex to produce a novel form of DNA damage during cytotoxic T lymphocyte-mediated death [3].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gzma

  • We have previously reported, in a model of heart allograft, the presence of a heavy leukocyte infiltrate, in the allograft which displayed a strong allospecific cytotoxicity when tested in vitro against donor cells, and a strong accumulation of mRNA for granzyme A and perforin in vivo [11].


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