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Gene Review

Plin2  -  perilipin 2

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Adfp, Adrp
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High impact information on Adfp

  • Stretching LFs stimulates PTHrP binding (2.5-fold) and downstream stimulation of triglyceride uptake quantitatively (15-25%) due to upregulation of adipose differentiation-related protein expression [1].
  • In addition, magnolol decreased both ADRP immunostaining intensity at the lipid droplet surface and the percentage of ADRP-positive cells [2].
  • Therefore, decreased protein levels of p160 and ADRP at the lipid droplet surface induced by magnolol were mediated via two different mechanisms: phosphorylation of p160 and downregulation of ADRP expression, respectively [2].
  • The result indicates that ADRP has two independent domains related to its localization and lipid droplet biogenesis [3].
  • Exposure to hyperoxia at each passage caused decrease (*, p<0.05 vs. 21% O2) in ADRP mRNA expression in the d18 fibroblasts [4].

Biological context of Adfp


Anatomical context of Adfp

  • Passage 1 and 5 cells were analyzed for the expression of well-characterized lipogenic and myogenic markers based on semiquantitative competitive RT-PCR (for parathyroid hormone-related protein receptor [PTHrPR]), adipose differentiation related protein (ADRP), and alpha smooth muscle actin (alphaSMA), triglyceride uptake, and leptin assay [7].
  • ADRP abundance is intimately linked to the amount of lipid found within cells and agents which increase the levels of intracellular lipid, such as certain agonists of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs), also are capable of modulating ADRP gene transcription [6].
  • Mutational analysis revealed that the ADRP PPRE specifically mediated the upregulation of transcription in response to activation by agonists of PPAR subtypes alpha and delta in both rat and human hepatocyte-derived cell lines [6].

Associations of Adfp with chemical compounds


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