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Gene Review

SOCS7  -  suppressor of cytokine signaling 7

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: NAP-4, NAP4, NCKAP4, Nck, Ash and phospholipase C gamma-binding protein, Nck-associated protein 4, ...
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Disease relevance of SOCS7


High impact information on SOCS7

  • We report here the role of one of the less studied members of the family of suppressors of cytokine signaling (SOCS), namely SOCS-7, in cytokine signaling [2].
  • We identified the cytoskeletal molecule vinexin as a partner interacting with SOCS-7 [3].
  • To understand the function of the suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS)-7, we have looked for proteins interacting with SOCS-7 in a stringent yeast two-hybrid screen of a human leukocyte cDNA-library [3].
  • Tests with deletion mutants of SOCS-7 demonstrated that a central region of the molecule containing several proline-rich regions, N-terminal to the SH2 domain, was responsible for the binding to vinexin [3].
  • Nitrate consumption, along with the results from the (14)C radiolabel study, are consistent with the oxidation of naphthalene coupled to denitrification for NAP-3-1 and nitrate reduction to nitrite for NAP-4 [1].

Biological context of SOCS7


Anatomical context of SOCS7


Associations of SOCS7 with chemical compounds

  • Three naphthalene-degrading pure cultures were obtained, designated NAP-3-1, NAP-3-2, and NAP-4 [1].

Other interactions of SOCS7


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