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Gene Review

Dok1  -  docking protein 1

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Docking protein 1, Downstream of tyrosine kinase 1
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High impact information on Dok1


Biological context of Dok1


Anatomical context of Dok1


Associations of Dok1 with chemical compounds

  • These findings identify Dok-1 as mediator of the antiallergic actions of dexamethasone and as a negative regulator of the MAP kinase pathway and downstream release of inflammatory mediators [5].
  • The negative regulatory role of Dok-1 was further validated by the expression of small interfering RNA directed against Dok-1, which enhanced activation of MAP kinase and subsequent release of arachidonic acid and tumor necrosis factor-alpha [5].

Enzymatic interactions of Dok1


Other interactions of Dok1


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