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Gene Review

TfIIS  -  RNA polymerase II elongation factor

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BG:DS00929.12, CG3710, DmS-II, DmSII, Dmel\CG3710, ...
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High impact information on TfIIS


Biological context of TfIIS


Associations of TfIIS with chemical compounds

  • DmS-II stimulates RNA polymerase II during the transcription of double-stranded DNA templates when the nonphysiological divalent cation manganese is present [8].
  • Analysis of pyrophosphorolysis on soluble or immobilized and templates confirmed that NTPs are liberated instead of dinucleotides that are released during DmS-II-mediated transcript cleavage [9].
  • During elongation, C4 and wild type responded similarly to DmS-II and NH4+ whereas the S1 mutant was less responsive to both [5].

Regulatory relationships of TfIIS


Other interactions of TfIIS


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TfIIS


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