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Gene Review

tbx1  -  T-box 1

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, T-box protein 1, T-box transcription factor TBX1, mp:zf637-3-000616, zgc:136724
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High impact information on tbx1

  • Mutant analysis in the zebrafish Danio rerio has demonstrated distinct developmental roles for the T-box transcription factor Spadetail (Spt) and the Nodal-receptor cofactor One-Eyed Pinhead (Oep) in the formation of mesoderm and endoderm [1].
  • Finally, genetic analysis reveals novel roles for the T-box transcription factor no tail and the Nodal signaling pathway as upstream regulators of lrdr1 expression and KV morphogenesis [2].
  • Using cell transplantation studies, we demonstrate that vgo/tbx1 acts cell autonomously in the pharyngeal mesendoderm and influences the development of neural crest-derived cartilages secondarily [3].
  • We provide both phenotypic and genetic evidence that these Fgf signaling components interact with no tail and spadetail, two zebrafish T-box transcription factors that are required for the development of all posterior mesoderm [4].
  • T-box genes encode transcriptional regulators that control many aspects of embryonic development [5].

Biological context of tbx1

  • Within this 7-kb distal regulatory region, we delineated a 1300-bp region with a cluster of consensus binding sites for T-box transcription factors [6].
  • Thus, GATA-4 regulatory elements control gene expression differentially along the rostro-caudal axis, and T-box binding elements in the GATA-4 promoter contribute to heart-specific expression [6].

Anatomical context of tbx1

  • Through the stage of embryonic shield formation, tbx1 expression is restricted to the hypoblast, in the region of cells fated to become head and lateral plate mesoderm and pharyngeal endoderm [7].
  • At 18 hpf, when the heart tube is beginning to assemble, three domains of tbx1 expression can be seen: cardiac precursors, pharyngeal arch precursors and otic vesicle [7].
  • Expression of zebrafish tbx1 by whole-mount in situ hybridization was first detected at 40% epiboly, 5.0 hours post fertilization (hpf) in the dorsal blastoderm margin [7].
  • The recently identified zebrafish T-box gene hrT is expressed in the developing heart and in the endothelial cells forming the dorsal aorta [8].
  • Two T-box genes are expressed in the developing telencephalon of several vertebrate species, including amphibia, birds and mammals [9].

Other interactions of tbx1


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