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Gene Review

LAMA2  -  laminin, alpha 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: LAMM, Laminin M chain, Laminin subunit alpha-2, Laminin-12 subunit alpha, Laminin-2 subunit alpha, ...


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Disease relevance of LAMA2


High impact information on LAMA2

  • Mutations in the laminin alpha 2-chain gene (LAMA2) cause merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy [3].
  • The laminin alpha 2 chain gene (LAMA2) maps to the same region on chromosome 6q22-23 (ref. 5). We therefore investigated LAMA2 for the presence of disease-causing mutations in laminin alpha 2 chain-deficient CMD families and now report splice site and nonsense mutations in two families leading presumably to a truncated laminin alpha 2 protein [3].
  • LAMA2 deposition around muscle fibers was often segmental and seemed to radiate from the center to the periphery of the injection site [4].
  • However, not all myoblasts, or myoblasts alone, or the muscle fibers they form are capable of LAMA2 secretion and deposition in vivo [4].
  • Following the discovery of merosin deficiency in some CMD cases, we have localized, by homozygosity mapping and linkage analysis (Zmax = 5.6; theta = 0.0 for marker AFM127xb2) in four merosin-negative families a CMD gene in a 16 cM region of chromosome 6q2 in the region of the laminin M chain gene [5].

Biological context of LAMA2

  • Two forms are defined at the molecular level: merosin deficient-CMD caused by mutations in the LAMA2-gene on chromosome 6q2 [6].
  • Comparison of the exon pattern of the human LAMA2 gene with that of the Drosophila LAMA gene revealed that only 2 of 63 intron locations in the 5'-end of the human gene match the intron locations in the Drosophila gene, which contains 14 introns [7].
  • These mutations cause a disruption of the open reading frame of LAMA2 [8].
  • In 2 patients, the Cys967Stop mutation and identical haplotypes flanking the LAMA2 gene indicated a founder effect [9].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The clinical phenotype was severe in most patients with LAMA2 mutations and associated with undetectable protein expression [9].

Anatomical context of LAMA2


Associations of LAMA2 with chemical compounds

  • Notably, three patients with laminin alpha2 deficiency were asymptomatic, 10 patients had normal MRI (four with LAMA2 mutations reported), and between 10-20% of cases had maximum recorded creatine kinase of less than 1000 U/l. LAMA2 mutations have been identified in 25% of cases [14].
  • All subjects were undergoing opiate detoxification with either methadone or the longer-acting 1-alpha acetylmethadol (LAMM) [15].

Other interactions of LAMA2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LAMA2


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