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Gene Review

hoxb9  -  homeobox B9

Xenopus laevis

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High impact information on LOC398337

  • Microinjection of a posteriorly expressed homeobox mRNA can respecify anteroposterior identity, transforming head mesoderm into tail-inducing mesoderm [1].
  • In vertebrate embryos, the homeobox gene goosecoid (gsc) is expressed in the gastrula organizer region and in later arising embryonic tissues including the foregut anlage [2].
  • In an attempt to identify genes implicated in specification of the regenerate, we screened a newt forelimb blastema cDNA library with homeobox probes, and isolated and sequenced clones that identify a 1.8 kb polyadenylated transcript containing a homeobox [3].
  • The function of siamois, a wnt-inducible homeobox gene, in Spemann's organizer development was examined by fusion of defined transcriptional regulatory domains to the siamois homeodomain [4].
  • Scores of homeobox gene-encoded transcription factors are expressed in a definite spatiotemporal pattern during embryogenesis and regulate a series of as yet unidentified target genes to help coordinate the morphogenetic process [5].

Biological context of LOC398337


Anatomical context of LOC398337

  • Regional expression of the homeobox gene NKX2-1 defines pallidal and interneuronal populations in the basal ganglia of amphibians [11].

Other interactions of LOC398337

  • XHex is unique amongst homeobox genes in displaying expression in the endothelial layer throughout the developing vasculature [12].
  • Homeobox genes like Otx-2 and members of the Hox family have been implicated in this process [13].


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