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Gene Review

ABI3  -  ABI family, member 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ABI gene family member 3, NESH, Nesh, New molecule including SH3, SSH3BP3
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Disease relevance of ABI3


High impact information on ABI3

  • Our results indicate that AIP2 negatively regulates ABA signaling by targeting ABI3 for post-translational destruction [3].
  • The AIP2 E3 ligase acts as a novel negative regulator of ABA signaling by promoting ABI3 degradation [3].
  • An aip2-1-null mutant shows higher ABI3 protein levels compared with wild type after seed stratification, and is hypersensitive to ABA, mimicking the ABI3-overexpression phenotype, whereas AIP2-overexpression plants contain lower levels of ABI3 protein than wild type and are more resistant to ABA, phenocopying abi3 [3].
  • Immunoprecipitation revealed that NESH (Abi-3) is present in the Abi/WAVE complex [4].
  • The ABA responsive ABI3 and the auxin responsive ARF family of transcription factors bind the CATGCATG (Sph) and TGTCTC core motifs in ABA and auxin response elements (ABRE and AuxRE), respectively [5].

Biological context of ABI3

  • NESH (Abi-3) is present in the Abi/WAVE complex but does not promote c-Abl-mediated phosphorylation [4].
  • By using a conventional two-hybrid technique with an Src homology 3 (SH3) domain of Nesh as the bait protein, a novel full-length cDNA was isolated and sequenced from a human placenta cDNA library [6].

Associations of ABI3 with chemical compounds

  • The B3-domain transcription factor abscisic acid-insensitive 3 (ABI3) is a central regulator in ABA signaling, but little is known of how this factor is regulated [3].
  • Transcription of the ABI3 and RGL2 genes is up-regulated by glucose [7].

Other interactions of ABI3

  • An E3B1/Abi2/Argbp1/NESH protein family has recently emerged from analysis of the sequence and structural similarities [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ABI3

  • ABI3/VP1 proteins are members of a large group of transcription factors that act as intermediaries in regulating abscisic acid (ABA)-responsive genes during seed development, including those involved in reserve deposition, acquisition of desiccation tolerance and dormancy induction [9].
  • Investigations were undertaken through in vitro gel mobility shift assays (GMSA) using the DNA binding domain B3 of PvAlf (Phaseolus vulgaris ABI3 like factor) and upstream regions of auxin responsive gene GH3 (-267 to -141) and ABA responsive gene Em (-316 to -146) harboring AuxRE and ABRE, respectively [5].


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