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Gene Review

Fezf2  -  Fez family zinc finger 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI451466, AI852056, Fez, Fez family zinc finger protein 2, Fezl, ...
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High impact information on Fezf2

  • Here, we report that Fezl is required for the specification of corticospinal motor neurons and other subcerebral projection neurons, which are absent from Fezl null mutant neocortex [1].
  • There is neither an increase in cell death in Fezl(-/-) cortex nor abnormalities in migration, indicating that the absence of subcerebral projection neurons is due to a failure in fate specification [1].
  • In contrast, misexpression of Zfp312 in cortically projecting pyramidal neurons of layers II and III induced the expression of Tbr1, a transcription factor enriched in deep-layer neurons, and the formation of ectopic subcortical axonal projections [2].
  • Zfp312 is required for subcortical axonal projections and dendritic morphology of deep-layer pyramidal neurons of the cerebral cortex [2].
  • Here we show that transcription factor Zfp312 is selectively expressed by layer V and VI subcortical projection pyramidal neurons and their progenitor cells [2].

Biological context of Fezf2


Anatomical context of Fezf2


Other interactions of Fezf2

  • Fez was isolated as one of several neural-specific genes that was induced by the neuralizing factor, noggin (Smith and Harland, 1992. Cell 70, 829-840), in uncommitted ectoderm [4].
  • In Xenopus, the expression of Fez begins at stage 12 in the rostral end of the neural plate, and by stage 45, it is localized to several telencephalic regions, including the olfactory bulbs, nervus terminalis, and ventricular zone [4].


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