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Gene Review

Nog  -  noggin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Noggin
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Disease relevance of Nog


High impact information on Nog


Chemical compound and disease context of Nog


Biological context of Nog

  • To elucidate roles of Chrd and Nog that are masked by the severe phenotype and early lethality of the double null, we have characterized embryos of the genotype Chrd(-/-);Nog(+/-) [11].
  • As the telencephalic vesicle closed, Nog expression was expanded and BMP activity reduced, potentially leading to FGF8 upregulation [12].
  • Mice mutant for either Nog or Chd have only mild mandibular defects; however, pups of the genotype Chd(-/-);Nog(+/-) exhibit a range of mandibular truncation phenotypes, from normal to agnathia [13].
  • Anagen development is accompanied by down-regulation of the BMP4 and increased noggin mRNA in the HF [14].
  • To obtain tissue-specific inactivation, Noggin gene (Nog) was overexpressed in cartilage under the control of a2(XI) collagen gene (Collla2) promoter/enhancer sequences [15].

Anatomical context of Nog


Associations of Nog with chemical compounds

  • In this study, we investigated expression of noggin in murine pluripotent mesodermal cell line, C1 [19].
  • In the present study, we generated transgenic mice carrying cDNA for noggin, an endogenous inhibitor of BMPs, driven by the podocyte-specific promoter nephrin [20].
  • In a sharp contrast, when the C1 cells were induced to differentiate into osteoblastic cells by the treatment with beta glycerophosphate (betaGP) and ascorbic acid (AA), noggin mRNA expression remained to be barely detectable [19].
  • Cotreatment with the BMP antagonist noggin or the NADPH oxidase inhibitor apocynin completely blocked the BMP4 effect [21].
  • Bone morphogenic protein-4 induces hypertension in mice: role of noggin, vascular NADPH oxidases, and impaired vasorelaxation [21].

Regulatory relationships of Nog

  • In mandibular explants, ectopic BMP4 rapidly induces expression of both Chd and Nog, consistent with results obtained in vivo with mutant embryos [13].
  • In contrast, TrkC-expressing neurons decreased in both plexuses of postnatal noggin-overexpressing animals, again an effect detectable at E18 [22].
  • To determine the physiological significance of these observations, the BMP antagonist noggin was overexpressed in the developing ENS of transgenic mice under the control of the neuron-specific enolase promoter [22].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: We generated transgenic mice that express BMP4 or noggin in bone under the control of the 2.3-kb alpha1(I) collagen chain gene (Col1a1) promoter, and analyzed their bone phenotype [23].
  • FGF18 represses noggin expression and is induced by calcineurin [24].

Other interactions of Nog

  • When endogenous BMP signaling is inhibited by noggin, robust Fgf8 expression appears ectopically in the cortical primordium [12].
  • The BMP antagonists cerberus-like and noggin do not interact during mouse forebrain development [25].
  • Misexpression of HtrA1 near the developing chick eye led to suppression of eye development that was indistinguishable from the effects of noggin [26].
  • Consistent with the endogenous markers, pOBCol3.6GFP and pOBCOL2.3GFP transgene activity was completely inhibited by continuous addition of FGF2, while noggin showed partial inhibition of pOBCol3.6GFP and complete inhibition of the pOBCol2.3GFP transgene [27].
  • By contrast, the expression domains of Indian hedgehog (Ihh), patched, and noggin become restricted as decidualization proceeds [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nog


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