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Gene Review

RAB13  -  RAB13, member RAS oncogene family

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Cell growth-inhibiting gene 4 protein, GIG4, Ras-related protein Rab-13
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High impact information on RAB13


Biological context of RAB13


Anatomical context of RAB13


Physical interactions of RAB13


Co-localisations of RAB13

  • Double immunolabelings showed that a fraction of endocytosed occludin was colocalized with Rab13 in MTD-1A cells [5].

Other interactions of RAB13

  • Rab13 mediates the continuous endocytic recycling of occludin to the cell surface [5].
  • This report demonstrates that Rab8 and Rab13 proteins are isoprenylated in vivo and geranylgeranylated in vitro [7].
  • We rename MICAL-L2 as JRAB (junctional Rab13-binding protein) [4].
  • Interestingly, activation of PKA abrogates the inhibitory effect of Rab13 on the recruitment of vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein, ZO-1, and claudin1 to cell-cell junctions [1].
  • Comparison revealed significant differences in the expression of genes for Rab13, Rab24, and Rab33A [8].


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