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Gene Review

Fmod  -  fibromodulin

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Collagen-binding 59 kDa protein, FM, Fibromodulin, KSPG fibromodulin, Keratan sulfate proteoglycan fibromodulin
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Disease relevance of Fmod


High impact information on Fmod

  • This inverse relationship between fibromodulin expression and scarring in both fetal and adult rat wound repair suggests that fibromodulin may be a biologically relevant modulator of TGF-beta activity during scar formation [2].
  • Immunostaining demonstrated significant fibromodulin induction 36 hours after injury in gestation day 16, but not day 19, fetal wounds [2].
  • Immunocytochemistry showed intense immunostaining of biglycan and fibromodulin in the areas of injured lung tissue from rats 14 and 28 d after BM administration [1].
  • Biglycan was increased in BM lung strips at all time points, FM and elastic fibers were increased at 14 and 28 d, and collagen was increased at 28 d only [3].
  • Comparisons of glycosaminoglycan and proteoglycan label allowed extrapolations to be made as to likely glycosaminoglycan components of the large proteoglycans, and of other proteoglycans that may be present - thus differential distribution of aggrecan and keratan sulfate label suggested the presence of fibromodulin and/or lumican [4].

Anatomical context of Fmod


Associations of Fmod with chemical compounds

  • Thus, FM was reported to have nialamide like activity, whereas FO actions were dopaminergic in nature [5].

Other interactions of Fmod

  • Differential expression of keratan sulphate proteoglycans fibromodulin, lumican and aggrecan in normal and fibrotic rat liver [6].
  • The PCR analysis further showed that the expression of decorin and fibromodulin was relatively reduced against type I procollagen by the growth factor, which was considered to be responsible for the increase of collagen fibril diameter in the repair tissue [7].
  • PRELP and fibromodulin mainly outlined the soft tissues surrounding the graft and compact bone sealing off the graft marrow [8].


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