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Gene Review

SSX4  -  synovial sarcoma, X breakpoint 4

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CT5.4
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Disease relevance of SSX4


High impact information on SSX4


Biological context of SSX4


Anatomical context of SSX4

  • In this study, we have analyzed CD4+ T cell responses directed against the Ag encoded by SSX-4 [8].
  • All normal tissues (n=6), with the exception of testis, normal bone marrow (BM, n=12) and normal peripheral blood (PBL, n=10) were negative for SSX-2 and SSX-4 expression [11].

Regulatory relationships of SSX4

  • Seventy-two percent (13/18) of stage 4 NB expressed SSX-2 and 67% (12/18) expressed SSX-4 [11].

Other interactions of SSX4


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SSX4

  • Antibodies to SSX-2 and SSX-4 were detectable by ELISA and RAYS in two patients [10].
  • In this study, sixty-seven neuroblastomas (NB) (12 stage 1, 13 stage 2, 12 stage 3, 12 stage 4S and 13 stage 4) were examined by RT-PCR and a sensitive chemiluminescent detection method for SSX-2 and SSX-4 expression [11].


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