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Gene Review

TSL  -  serine/threonine-protein kinase TOUSLED

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: F22D1.100, F22D1_100, PROTEIN KINASE TSL, TOUSLED
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High impact information on TSL

  • Using a mutation derived by T-DNA insertion mutagenesis, we have cloned the TSL gene and found that it encodes a protein kinase homolog with a novel N-terminal domain [1].
  • Mutation at the TOUSLED locus of A. thaliana results in a complex phenotype, the most dramatic aspect of which being the abnormal flowers produced in mutant plants. tsl flowers show a random loss of floral organs, and organ development is impaired [1].
  • The Tousled (TSL) gene of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana encodes a serine/threonine kinase that is essential for proper flower development [2].
  • Mammalian homologues of the plant Tousled gene code for cell-cycle-regulated kinases with maximal activities linked to ongoing DNA replication [2].
  • TSL and LEUNIG most likely function in similar pathways during ovule development [3].

Biological context of TSL


Associations of TSL with chemical compounds

  • TSL trans-autophosphorylates on serine and threonine residues, and phosphorylates exogenous substrates [4].
  • Using the yeast two-hybrid system, TSL was found to oligomerize via its NH2-terminal domain [4].

Physical interactions of TSL

  • Double mutant analysis suggests that ETTIN interacts with TSL, possibly by restricting TSL expression to apical regions [3].

Other interactions of TSL

  • We have identified putative orthologues of CRC and TSL from A. trichopoda and C. aquatica, respectively [7].
  • This work has restriction mapped a 315 kb region that includes a number of genes implicated in floral development, namely PISTILLATA and TOUSLED, and a number of uncharacterized genes involved in male gametogenesis (e.g., Ms1 and Ms37) [8].


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