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Gene Review

FZD8  -  frizzled class receptor 8

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FZ-8, Frizzled-8, Fz-8, hFZ8, hFz8
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Disease relevance of FZD8


High impact information on FZD8

  • GOPC interacts with many other proteins, such as the Wnt receptors Frizzled 8 and neuroligin via its PDZ domain [4].
  • Among 10 cases of primary gastric cancer, FZD9 was up-regulated in 2 cases, FZD2 and FZD8 were up-regulated in 4 cases [1].
  • Among human FZD family, FZD8 was most homologous to FZD5 (total amino-acid identity 69.1%) [2].
  • FZD8 was found to encode a 694 amino-acid polypeptide with the frizzled-like cysteine-rich domain, seven transmembrane domains, and the C-terminal Ser/Thr-X-Val motif [2].
  • Up-regulation of FZD8 might play key roles in several types of human cancer through activation of the beta-catenin-TCF pathway [2].

Chemical compound and disease context of FZD8


Biological context of FZD8


Other interactions of FZD8

  • However, wnt inhibitors Dkk-1 or Frizzled-8/Fc chimeric protein augmented, but wnt3a inhibited, cardiomyocyte differentiation [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FZD8


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