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Gene Review

FZD5  -  frizzled class receptor 5

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: C2orf31, DKFZP434E2135, Frizzled-5, Fz-5, FzE5, ...
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Disease relevance of FZD5


High impact information on FZD5

  • Wnt-5A induced axis duplication and an ectopic Spemann organizer in the presence of hFz5, a member of the Frizzled family of seven-transmembrane receptors [6].
  • We show that human peripheral-blood mononuclear cells express the WNT5A receptor Frizzled-5 (FZD5) [2].
  • Furthermore, among the three known Wnt pathways, Fz5/8 appears to signal via the planar cell polarity pathway [7].
  • During development, Fz5/8 displays restricted expression, beginning at the 60-cell stage in the animal domain and then from mesenchyme blastula stage, in both the animal domain and a subset of secondary mesenchyme cells (SMCs) [7].
  • GSK-3beta is a component of the wnt signaling pathway, and EC express wnt-5a and T cells express frizzled-5, a wnt-5a receptor [8].

Biological context of FZD5


Anatomical context of FZD5

  • Functional studies showed that WNT5A and FZD5 regulate the microbially induced interleukin-12 response of antigen-presenting cells and interferon-gamma production by mycobacterial antigen-stimulated T cells [2].
  • FZD5 was highly expressed in fetal liver and adult pancreas, and moderately expressed in fetal lung, kidney and adult liver [3].
  • Previously, we found that these FLS expressed high levels of both Wnt-5A and Frizzled 5 (Fz5), a receptor-ligand pair implicated in both limb bud and bone marrow stem cell development [9].

Other interactions of FZD5

  • Among human FZD family, FZD8 was most homologous to FZD5 (total amino-acid identity 69.1%) [10].
  • For FZD5, we did not observe a segregating variant, however, for PTHR2, a missense variant (A225S) cosegregated with FOA in one family [11].
  • Wnt-independent activation of beta-catenin mediated by a Dkk1-Fz5 fusion protein [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FZD5

  • Western blot analysis of crude membrane fractions revealed that Fzd5 protein expression in the matched tumor/normal kidney samples correlated with the observed mRNA level [5].


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