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Gene Review

GORK  -  potassium channel GORK

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: MPA22.4, MPA22_4, gated outwardly-rectifying K+ channel
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Disease relevance of GORK


High impact information on GORK

  • Expression of GORK dominant negative mutant polypeptides in transgenic Arabidopsis was found to strongly reduce outwardly rectifying K(+) channel activity in the guard cell membrane, and disruption of the GORK gene (T-DNA insertion knockout mutant) fully suppressed this activity [1].
  • The Arabidopsis outward K+ channel GORK is involved in regulation of stomatal movements and plant transpiration [1].
  • Bioassays on epidermal peels revealed that disruption of GORK activity resulted in impaired stomatal closure in response to darkness or the stress hormone abscisic acid [corrected] [1].
  • Studying all shaker-like ion channel alpha-subunits, we only found the K(+) inward rectifier AtKC1 and AKT1 and the K(+) outward rectifier GORK to be expressed in this cell type [2].
  • SKOR and GORK are outward-rectifying plant potassium channels from Arabidopsis thaliana [3].

Chemical compound and disease context of GORK


Biological context of GORK


Anatomical context of GORK

  • In agreement with the delayed outward rectifier in intact guard cells and protoplasts thereof, GORK is activated in a voltage- and potassium-dependent manner [7].
  • When heterologously expressed in Xenopus oocytes the gene product of GORK mediated depolarization-activated K(+) currents [7].

Associations of GORK with chemical compounds

  • The wilting hormone ABA that integrates responses to these stimuli induced GORK expression in seedlings in a time- and concentration-dependent manner and this induction was dependent on extracellular Ca2+ [4].

Other interactions of GORK

  • We demonstrate that SKOR and GORK physically interact and assemble into heteromeric K(out) channels [3].
  • The two inward rectifiers AKT1 and ATKC1 as well as the outward rectifier GORK dominated the root hair K(+) channel pool [5].
  • In contrast to other tissues, GORK expression as well as K+(out) channel activity in guard cells is ABA insensitive, allowing the plant to adjust stomatal movement and water status control separately [4].


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