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Gene Review

PKP4  -  plakophilin 4

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Plakophilin-4, p0071
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High impact information on PKP4

  • The armadillo protein p0071 regulates Rho signalling during cytokinesis [1].
  • Both knockdown and overexpression of p0071 interfered with normal cell growth and survival due to cytokinesis defects with formation of multinucleated cells and induction of apoptosis [1].
  • Deletion analysis using the yeast two-hybrid system revealed that the armadillo repeat domain of p0071 bound directly to VE-cadherin [2].
  • Based on previous findings that both VE-cadherin and desmoplakin play central roles in vasculogenesis, these new results suggest that p0071 may play an important role in endothelial junction assembly and in the morphogenic events associated with vascular remodeling [2].
  • Erbin binds to p0071 in vitro and in vivo in a PDZ domain-dependent manner, and both proteins colocalized in desmosomes of epithelial cells [3].

Biological context of PKP4


Anatomical context of PKP4


Physical interactions of PKP4

  • Endogenous ERBIN was co-immunoprecipitated with p0071 [7].
  • Protein interaction studies revealed that p0071 bound to the first 160 amino-terminal residues of desmoplakin and also interacted directly with plakoglobin, suggesting that p0071 may regulate desmosome assembly by controlling plakoglobin availability [9].
  • PAPIN has six PDZ domains and interacts with p0071, a catenin-related protein [8].

Co-localisations of PKP4


Other interactions of PKP4


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PKP4


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