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Gene Review

ERG24  -  delta(14)-sterol reductase

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: C-14 sterol reductase, Delta(14)-sterol reductase, N0593, Sterol C14-reductase, YNL280C
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High impact information on ERG24


Biological context of ERG24

  • We demonstrate that erg2 and erg24 mutants are viable in the deletion consortium background but are lethal when combined in the same haploid strain [4].
  • The wild-type ERG24 gene was cloned by complementation onto a 12-kb fragment from a yeast genomic library, and subsequently subcloned onto a 2.4-kb fragment [5].

Associations of ERG24 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of ERG24


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ERG24


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