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Gene Review

YIP3  -  Yip3p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: N2650, PRA1, Prenylated Rab acceptor 1, YNL044W
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Disease relevance of YIP3


High impact information on YIP3

  • Replacement of the deleted VAMP2 transmembrane domain by a CAAX prenylation signal can not restore binding to PRA1 [3].
  • PRA1 is a 21-kDa protein associated with Golgi membranes that binds to prenylated Rab proteins in their GTP-bound state [1].
  • Furthermore, gp41 sequences important for PRA1 binding were mapped to a central leucine-rich, amphipathic alpha-helix in the SIV gp41 cytoplasmic tail [1].
  • Envelope glycoprotein cytoplasmic domains from diverse lentiviruses interact with the prenylated Rab acceptor [1].
  • The assembly and release of infectious virus particles was studied under conditions of PRA1 overexpression in a transient transfection assay or suppression by RNA interference [2].

Biological context of YIP3


Anatomical context of YIP3

  • These data indicate that Yip3p may have multiple functions and that its interaction with Rabs is not critical for their recruitment to organelle membranes [6].

Physical interactions of YIP3


Other interactions of YIP3

  • However, Ypt1p did not copurify with Rtn1p, indicating that Yip3p is a component of at least two different protein complexes [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of YIP3


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