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Gene Review

SAP30  -  Sin3A-associated protein, 30kDa

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 30 kDa Sin3-associated polypeptide, Histone deacetylase complex subunit SAP30, Sin3 corepressor complex subunit SAP30, Sin3-associated polypeptide p30
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Disease relevance of SAP30


High impact information on SAP30

  • These results define SAP30 as a component of a histone deacetylase complex conserved among eukaryotic organisms [3].
  • The human SAP30 complex is active in deacetylating core histone octamers, but inactive in deacetylating nucleosomal histones due to the inability of the histone binding proteins RbAp46 and RbAp48 to gain access to nucleosomal histones [3].
  • Notably, though, several methylated forms of histone H3 that are deficient in Xi chromatin generally are present at a region near the macrosatellite repeat DXZ4, as are the chromatin proteins CTCF and SAP30, indicating a distinctive chromatin state in this region of the Xi [4].
  • Glutathione S-transferase affinity assays confirmed interaction between LANA and SAP30 and also demonstrated interactions between LANA and two other members of the corepressor complex, mSin3A and CIR [5].
  • To better understand the contribution of LANA to tumorigenesis and to the PEL phenotype, we performed a yeast two-hybrid screen which identified the corepressor protein SAP30 as a LANA binding protein [5].

Biological context of SAP30

  • The interaction of HTRP with SAP30 in its conserved domain implies that this protein family, as the products of immediate-early genes, comprise functional molecules involved in the transcriptional regulation of cells, which might be related to the inhibition of some cell survival genes [6].
  • Further analyses indicate that the minimal deleted region in 4q32-35 includes p33ING2/ING1L and SAP30, whose deletion could impair the G1-phase checkpoint control and favor gene silencing, respectively [2].

Other interactions of SAP30

  • Modulation of YY1 activity by SAP30 [7].
  • The results of a yeast two-hybrid experiment indicated that HTRP is indeed involved in the interaction with the SAP (mSin3-associate polypeptide) complex via SAP30 [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SAP30


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