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Gene Review

Scrg1  -  scrapie responsive gene 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AW124307, ScRG-1, Scrapie-responsive gene 1 protein, Scrapie-responsive protein 1
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Disease relevance of Scrg1


Psychiatry related information on Scrg1


High impact information on Scrg1


Biological context of Scrg1

  • We have sequenced 20 kb of DNA at the mouse Scrg1 locus and found that the longer transcript is the prolongation of the 0.7-kb mRNA to a polyadenylation site located about 2 kb further downstream [1].

Anatomical context of Scrg1


Associations of Scrg1 with chemical compounds

  • (iii) Scrg1 is enriched in fractions of sucrose density gradient where synaptotagmin V, a dense-core vesicle-associated protein, is also enriched [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Scrg1

  • Northern blot analysis showed that Scrg1 is under strict developmental control in mouse embryo and is expressed by cells of neuronal origin in vitro [1].


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